Social responsibility

Providing top health service in order to promote human health is our priority. As a company, our goal is to take care of and promote the health and quality of life of all members of the community of which we are a part, including our employees and their families, our clients and all other members of society.

Our social responsibility policy is focused on several segments, namely:

– taking care of the nature and the environment

– helping the community, especially the vulnerable category of citizens: children from poor and socially endangered families and people with special needs

– promoting sports as a precondition for good health

So far, we have cooperated with several associations and initiatives, with which we have cooperation and different forms of assistance, where in addition to other types of assistance, free health laboratory services are provided to certain categories of citizens.

We believe that with our commitment to help individuals, families and groups of citizens, we contribute to the improvement and strengthening of society as a whole.

We see the benefits of socially responsible activities in the daily activities, not only of the company as a whole, but also of the employees, on an individual level. It is well known that the successful and motivated employees are extremely important for the successful operation of a company, and our employees participate in various activities with visible enthusiasm: helping with donations of clothes and food, donating blood, participating in charity races and tournaments and the like.

We will continue to care for and support charity activities and events, with more partners in order to practice socially responsible activities. At the same time, we hope that such initiatives will be a motive and inspiration for a large number of citizens and institutions, in order to all together make our society a better and more beautiful place to live for everyone.


October 2020

Avicena laboratory was once again part of the largest charity donation campaign “Feed 10,000”

For the third year in a row we donated food products intended for the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

April 2020

Donation of Avicena Laboratory – 5000 free RT Rеаl-Time PCR laboratory analyses for COVID-19

As a socially responsible company, and in the interest of protecting public health, Avicena Laboratory participated with the donation of 5,000 free RT Real Time-PCR coronavirus laboratory tests (COVID-19), a project implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Health Center Skopje.

The tests are free for the citizens who previously registered exclusively through the family doctor and the “My appointment” system.

On 01.04.2020 the first of a series of sampling points within the Health Center Skopje – Polyclinic Idadija (Mlin Balkan) was put into operation.

All samples from this point are analyzed in Avicena Laboratory entirely at the expense of Avicena Laboratory, in conditions that fully meet all world norms and standards for this type of testing.

December 2019

Donation of clothes in cooperation with “Project Happiness”

Charity project for donation of clothes to socially endangered families.

November 2019

Avicena Laboratory with a donation for “The first free Music and Art School for Socially Challenged Children” – „Guitars, keys and gigs”

The project allows socially challenged children to use free classes in art, photography, playing instruments and other skills.

November 2019

GAMES WITHOUT MASKS” 2019 – International Inclusive Drama Festival (6th edition)

Organized by the Association of Citizens “World of Different but Equal”, from 27-29 November 2019, will be held the sixth edition of the Inclusive Drama Festival, which aims to actively involve people with disabilities in various activities, including plays and music and stage performances. As a sponsor of this event, Avicenna Laboratory joins the activities and the goal of this association, which is to help strengthen the awareness of citizens to accept people with disabilities in their immediate and everyday environment.

October 2019

Avicena Laboratory was a part of the largest charity donation campaign “Feed 10,000”

This year Avicena Laboratory was part of the largest charity donation campaign “Feed 10,000”. The team of Avicena Laboratory became part of this charity initiative by donating food products intended for the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

September 2019

Cooperation with an Association for MS – Donation for holding national days of MS

Avicena Laboratory signed a memorandum of cooperation with the National Association for MS – National Association for Assistance and Support of People with Multiple Sclerosis. Our desire is to support and jointly participate in activities to raise public awareness and awareness for issues related to MS, related to timely diagnosis and timely and appropriate treatment, patient support, education on the rights of people with MS and promotion of new achievements in medicine.

August 2019

Donation for the Memorial Futsal Tournament Oliver Sokolov –Sokol“ 2019

June 2019

Cooperation with the Association for Human and Social Development “Project Happiness”

As part of our activities to help the community and support categories of citizens who need help, Avicena Laboratory signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Association for Human and Social Development “Project Happiness”.

“Project Happiness” is focused on improving the quality of life of all children, who for various reasons struggle with various problems in everyday life.

The cooperation between Avicena Laboratory and “Project Happiness” will enable the availability of the necessary laboratory services needed to maintain good health and intervention in emergency health cases for children with social risk status.

Donation to the project “The first free Music and Art School for Socially Challenged Children” – „Guitars, keys and gigs”

May 2019 

Donation of benches and waste bins in Tetovo

World Environment Day, June 5, aims to raise awareness of the environment in which we live and to encourage the implementation of various protection measures.

In order to mark this day, in cooperation with the Public Utility Company of the city of Tetovo, Avicenna Laboratory donated 60 waste bins and 30 benches, which are placed throughout the city of Tetovo.

The right to a clean and healthy environment is a basic civil right whose full and consistent respect is a condition for better health, better quality and longer life of citizens.

April 2019

Avicena Laboratory with participation in the big environmental project for cleaning of the Municipality of Karpos

On Saturday (April 13, 2019) Avicenna Laboratory participated in the largest ever environmental project for cleaning of the Municipality of Karpos.

This social project organized by the Municipality of Karposh was joined by several socially responsible entities and aimed to raise awareness of the environment in addition to the continuous and daily care of public hygiene, because everyone is responsible for a healthy and clean environment.

April 2019

Avicena Laboratory with a charity project- 100 free package blood counts

Avicena Laboratory in cooperation with “Lions” Club Karposh and the Municipality of Karposh realized the charity project for 100 free packages of blood counts for socially endangered categories of citizens and older, frail people from the Municipality of Karposh.

This project aims to provide health care and prevention of citizens who are at social risk.

April 2019

Record number of participants in Avicena Women’s Race 2019 

Traditionally, on March 31, 2019 (Sunday) the seventh edition of AVICENA WOMEN’S RACE 2019 – the largest and most fun race for women in the country was held.

This year, too, there was a record number of registered participants, over 2400, breaking last year’s record and confirming the popularity of the race, which is continuously growing from year to year.

March 2019

Avicena Laboratory took part in the charity race „Run For Down“

With its most numerous team, Avicena Laboratory participated and supported the charity race “Run For Down” organized in honor of children with Down Syndrome.

The funds raised will be used for equipping the Day Care Center for people with Down Syndrome.

December 2018

Avicena Laboratory supported the charity idea Down4U for opening the restaurant Umbrella

PHI Avicena Laboratory financially supported the charity idea Down4U for opening of the restaurant Umbrella employing people with disabilities.

December 2018 

Avicena Laboratory joined the charity initiative “Be someone’s Santa Clause”

Avicena Laboratory joined the charity initiative “Be someone’s Santa Claus, because the holidays are for everyone”, organized in order to fulfill some of the New Year wishes of the children from the oncology and hematology department of the Pediatric Clinic, as well as to provide all the necessary toys for the department where children with autism go to exercises at the Clinic for Children’s Diseases in Skopje.

December 2018

Avicena Laboratory sponsor of the charity event “Chocolate auction- Chocolate spectrum”

Avicena Laboratory sponsored a chocolate auction entitled “Chocolate Spectrum”.

All funds raised from this charity event were donated to start the first in the region Autism Center within the STEM Academy Foundation.

September 2018

Avicena Laboratory as a part of the largest charity event “Feed 10,000”

Avicenna Laboratory in cooperation with the initiative “Move your finger” was part of the largest donation happening under the motto “Feed 10,000”. The team of Avicena Laboratory joined this charity initiative by donating food products intended for the most vulnerable categories of citizens.