Avicena Laboratory supporting people with Down syndrome

Worldwide, 21st of March is observed as the World Down’s Syndrome Day. This particular date was symbolically selected to signify the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down’s syndrome in these individuals.

For this particular occasion, the Down Syndrome Center started a campaign with the slogan "We all live in the same world."

For this year's World Down Syndrome Day, a series of events and activities were dedicated to a topic which is still considered a taboo in Macedonia: "Sexual and reproductive health of persons with Down syndrome." In order to raise awareness of this important issue, "Trisomy 21 - Skopje" teamed up with the NGO "Hera" that works in the field of health education and research.

Avicena supports people with Down syndrome by providing free laboratory tests in its laboratory.

Down syndrome is chromosomopathy that occurs in the 21st chromosome. People with this disease have three chromosomes instead of two.

This year, wearing odd socks was a way to mark the World Down Syndrome Day in all of the countries which were included in the campaign.

People with Down syndrome should be accepted as equal participants in the society, able to demand their own rights, able to live a meaningful life, and also to contribute to building an inclusive sustainable society.