Biochemistry test in COVID-19 patients

Patients with COVID-19 can have all the necessary laboratory analyzes during treatment of the infection, in the COVID-19 section that is separate from the rest of the laboratory. The analyzes can be performed only with a previously scheduled appointment at:


📞 071/278-529 

📞 078/218-731 

📞 071/269-623 

📞 072/319-850

This service is available in the following locations:

- Taftalidze in Skopje (Location 1), every working day and Saturday from 07.00 to 19.00

- Tetovo (Location 3), from Monday to Friday from 08.00-14.00, on Saturday from 08.00-13.00.

The essential role of clinical laboratories in this pandemic extends beyond etiological diagnosis of COVID-19. Biochemical monitoring of COVID-19 patients through in vitro diagnostic testing is critical for assessing disease severity and progression as well as monitoring therapeutic intervention.

Several common in vitro diagnostic tests have been implicated in unfavorable COVID-19 progression, potentially providing important prognostic information.

A recommended test list based on current literature is included below along with the major laboratory abnormalities associated with adult COVID-19 patients and their potential clinical indication.

In addition to more common laboratory tests, new evidence suggests that patients with severe COVID-19 could be at risk for cytokine storm syndrome. Cytokine tests, particularly IL-6, should be used where possible to assess severe patients suspected of hyperinflammation.




Complete blood count

Increased neutrophil count (леукоцитоза со неутрофилија)

Decreased lymphocyte count

Decreased hemoglobin

Decreased platelet count

CRP (C-reactive protein)

Increased – inflammation marker


Increased impairment of kidney function


Increased liver impairment or multiorgan malfunction

Urea, Creatinine

Increased - impairment of kidney function

Total bilirubin

Increased impairment of liver function


Decreasedimpairment of liver function


Increasedactivation of blood coagulation and/or DIC


Increased - activation of blood coagulation and/or DIC


Increased – bacterial inflammation marker, differentiation between bacterial and viral infection


Increasedinflammation marker

Interleukin 6 (IL-6)

Increasedprediction of cytokine storm syndrome

Cardiac Troponin, CK-MB

Increasedcardiac injury

Blood Gas analysis

Important in critical care management


Important Note: Each laboratory result should be interpreted in conjunction with the clinical exam and other diagnostic methods.

Always talk to your doctor about your health condition, interpretation of results, symptoms and treatment.