Introducing the Evalyn brush – a revolutionary brush for self-sampling for an HPV test, at home, without visiting a gynecologist

We proudly present the Evalyn brush, another convenient option, for testing for the HPV (Human papillomavirus) virus for the first time in our country. Evalyn is the revolutionary self-sampling brush for HPV test, at home, without visiting a gynecologist.

For all women, girls, ladies who want to avoid the discomfort of an examination at a gynecologist, who want to be tested immediately, but do not have time to schedule an appointment with their gynecologist or for any other reason.

The Evalyn brush has been developed specifically to meet the needs of women, it is easy and safe to use. All you have to do is visit our nearest laboratory, pick up the Evalyn kit, take a sample yourself following the instructions and within 24 hours of taking the sample, bring it to the Avicena Laboratory for processing.

With an HPV test, you can prevent cervical cancer at an early stage, perform genotyping and detect possible 19 high-risk types and 9 low-risk types of HPV and seek timely treatment.

The Evalyn brush has been validated in many studies and various screening programs. It is used in 53 countries in the world, from now on for the first time in our country, available in Avicena Laboratory. Thanks to the unique design of the brush, sufficient and accurate sampling of cell material is guaranteed to process the sample as efficiently (99.8%) as a sample taken by a doctor/gynecologist.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection and the leading cause of cervical cancer in women. HPV infections are often asymptomatic and can remain “silent” for many years before they begin to manifest with any symptoms. This is especially dangerous because, without you having any symptoms, changes can occur in your cervical cells, which can lead to cervical cancer. The best way to prevent the disease and detect cervical cancer early is regular screening for the HPV virus.

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