Privacy policy

PHO AVICENA LABORATORY provides personal data protection for its patients, associates,
employees and all other entities (natural parties which the processed information refer to), whose
personal information are processed on any ground (consent, agreement etc.) in any manner in PHO
Certain expressions used in this Policy, related to the personal data protection, shall have the
same meaning as the expressions provided for under the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official
Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” Nos. 7/2005, 103/2008, 124/2008, 124/2010, 135/2011,
43/2014, 153/2015 and 99/2016).
1. The personal data in PHO AVICENA LABORATORY are processed exclusively in
compliance with the current laws and bylaws in the field of personal data protection, as well as the
laws and bylaws in the field of healthcare protection and regulation of the operation of the healthcare
2. Personal data protection is guaranteed to every natural person without discrimination
based on his/her nationality, race, color, religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, language, political or
other beliefs, material status, origin by birth, education, social background, citizenship, place or type
of residence, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.
3. Personal data shall be collected, used and stored for specific, clear purposes established
under the law and shall be processed in a manner consistent with those objectives. The personal data
of the holders shall be kept in a form that enables the identification of the personal data holder, no
longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data are collected for further processing.
4. PHO AVICENA LABORATORY ensures complete confidentiality, integrity and
protection of the personal data of the entities. Our Laboratory shall take all necessary organizational,
administrative, technical and physical measures for protection of personal data being processed and
shall protect them at all times from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized
disclosure or access as well as from any illegal forms of processing.
5. The personal data collected by PHO AVICENA LABORATORY shall be appropriate,
relevant and not excessive regarding the purposes for which they are collected and processed.
6. All employees of PHO AVICENA LABORATORY shall, in compliance with the laws
and bylaws, as well as in compliance with the internal acts, take care of the protection of personal
data. The employees in PHO AVICENA LABORATORY shall be obliged to report every case of
violation of personal data protection to the immediate superiors.
7. AVICENA LABORATORY shall not make available the personal data subject of
processing to any third parties, except in cases where it is prescribed under the law, in order to
exercise its rights or to protect its interests or to comply with legal requirements / orders or requests
/ orders by other state bodies and institutions authorized under the law or the Personal Data
Protection Office.
8. Each holder of personal data shall be entitled to file a Request for access and correction
of his/her personal data processed by PHO AVICENA LABORATORY.
9. The personal data collected through the website are processed
by PHO AVICENA LABORATORY in compliance with the provisions referred to herein above in
this policy. For any questions relating to the protection of personal data, the holders may at any time
to contact us at If there are any changes in our Privacy Policy, they will
be appropriately incorporated in this document and published in a prominent place for all holders.

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