About us

The main activity of Avicena Laboratory as first privately-owned registered specialist diagnostic laboratory in the Republic of Macedonia is human health promotion, by implementing the most modern clinical laboratory tests in various fields of medicine, such as clinical biochemistry, microbiology, endocrinology, immunology, transfusiology, molecular biology, ect.

Avicena Laboratory, with its experienced team possessing the highest professional and ethical values, offers a full and comprehensive diagnostics and always keeps up with the latest global medical trends. Avicena Laboratory is fully devoted to continuously maintaining the highest level of work quality.

The continuous quality control is of fundamental importance and the work process is constantly in accordance with the highest technical-technological, administrative, as well as laboratorial-medical standards.

Today, Avicena Laboratory has 4 locations in new, modern and easily accessible facilities, fully oriented to the requirements and needs of patients of all categories (children, adults, patients with disabilities).

1. Avicena Laboratory (municipality Taftalidze) with an area of over 500m2, and recently supplemented with an even larger microbiological laboratory of more than 200m2 with fully automated equipment for microbiological and molecular diagnostics.

2. Avicena Laboratory (municipality Aerodrom) with an area of over 160m2,

3. Avicena Laboratory (Tetovo) with an area of over 200m2.

4. Avicena Laboratory (municipality Kisela Voda) with an area of over 170m2.

  • Following the latest medical trends, we provide a comprehensive and complete diagnostics performed by highly specialized staff with highly professional and ethical values
  • Continuous quality control, serious approach to the work process, and constant monitoring and documentation
  • Performing the analyses within the shortest time period, with the available option of sending the results by mail оr downloading directly from the web page
  • Organized specimen collection from the clinics, hospitals, and your home
  • Possibility of performing urgent analyses*

depending on the time frame needed to perform the analysis

Avicena Laboratory has an agreement with the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Macedonia for laboratory analyzes from laboratory referral form LU-1, issued by a selected primary care doctor. The patients can perform these analyzes at the expense of the fund, only with a valid referral from a general practicioner.

Only the laboratory on bul. September 8, No.2 (Complex Macedonia, behind Vero 2 Taftalidze) has a contract with the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Macedonia.

The team of Avicena Laboratory consists of more than 120 employees:

  • 3 medical biochemistry specialists
  • 2 microbiology and parasitology specialists
  • 2 molecular biologistс
  • 26 biochemistry engineers
  • 50 medical laboratory technicians
  • 5 economist
  • 30 administrative assistants

The continuous medical education of the employees and their regular participation at congresses and symposiums in the country and abroad are an exceptional contribution of our continuous success. We strive to share our knowledge and experience with the key opinion leaders in different medical areas in order to be up to date with the latest medical innovations and technology.