What is an allergy?

An allergy represents an abnormal, strong reaction of our body in response to exposure to certain substances, which are usually harmless for most people. These substances are called allergens and the reaction they cause is an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction may occur anywhere in the body – it can cause serious consequences and it can even lead to death.

What causes the allergy and how does it manifest?

There are hundreds of causes of allergies and they are all around us – in the home, at the workplace, in the food, and in the nature that surrounds us. Depending on where the reaction occurs in the body, the allergy may manifest in different ways – from tearing and redness of the eyes, nasal discharge, wheezing and sneezing, skin rash, to severe and serious diseases that are caused by allergies – asthma, chronic inflammation of the airways, skin diseases, disorders of the food digestion, and so forth. Most people are unaware of the fact that the allergy season never really ends- it lasts all-year-round, regardless of the environment, indoors or outdoors. People are continuously exposed and in contact with various substances in the environment that are potential triggers of allergic reactions – they are equally dangerous for everyone – adults, children, sick or healthy people, etc

There are several types of medication that your physician may recommend for treatment of allergies. As with other illnesses, the first thing is to identify the reason why the allergy occurred.

One of the first steps in treating allergies is to avoid contact with the cause of the allergy. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether there is one or perhaps several agents that aggravate your condition.

There are many diseases that have the same symptoms as allergies. Therefore, in certain situations, in order to determine what causes those same symptoms and to choose the right treatment, allergy tests are needed. On the other hand, allergies can develop to more than one substance, simultaneously.

PLEASE REMEMBER – only correctly diagnosed disease can be properly treated!

Therefore, it is most important to identify the true cause of your allergic reaction!!!


How can one find out if he/she is allergic?

  •  Immulite 3gAllergy™,
  •  Rida qLine Allergy
  •  Maxi Allergy Screen

Allergy tests are the best and only way to find out if you are allergic. It is also the only way to determine what is causing your symptoms.

Once the true cause of the allergic reaction is determined, it is easier to prevent future contact with that substance and to relieve the symptoms with proper treatment.

The traditional allergy test, known as skin testing method, is a test where the suspected allergen responsible for the allergic reaction is injected in the body and the body’s response is monitored.

The test consists of multiple skin pricking, usually on the inside of the forearm. The swelling, redness, or itching of the skin actually indicate the test results. Unlike the allergologic skin tests, there is a possibility with only one small puncture and a simple blood draw to determine the cause of the allergy, also the extent to which the reaction has been developed, and even predict a future allergic reaction.

Immulite 3gAllergy™, Rida qLine Allergy and Maxi Allergy Screen – most efficient, most accurate and safest tests to determine what is the cause of your symptoms.

These tests can detect over 700 causes of allergies – here are only a few of them:

Medications – all groups of interest, parasites and bacteria, all food products, spices and additives, substances that are inhaled from the air, including pollen from various trees, grasses and flowers, insects and their toxins.

Advantages of Immulite 3gAllergy™, Rida qLine Allergy и Maxi Allergy Screen

Selection of over 700 allergens

Detecting allergy presence, even when there are no symptoms.

Without any health risk – unlike traditional skin tests, where the cause of your allergy is inserted into the body, with these tests there is no risk of any adverse reaction.

Safety, security and comfort – with only one prick and blood draw, the causes and intensity of the reaction are determined by using powerful software.

No age restriction.

No discontinuation of anti-allergic or any other therapy is necessary for performing the test.

Some interesting facts about allergies:

– Approximately 80 million people in Europe suffer from allergies.

– 25% of them do not know the real reason of their allergic reaction.

– 70% of patients feel limited in their daily tasks, and because of breathing difficulties, 50% of them have sleeping problems.

– Allergy to penicillin is the most common cause of drug allergies.

– In Macedonia, 17.9% of the population have allergy to pollen from grasses.

How can Avicena Laboratory assist you?

Our highly professional medical staff and sophisticated laboratory equipment with over 300 different analyses, offers you a complete laboratory evaluation of your health condition in the shortest possible time.

Through simple blood test, the Immulite 3gAllergy™, Rida qLine Allergy and Maxi Allergy Screen will give you a reliable and accurate answer for everything you wanted to know about allergies, what causes them, as well as assessing your risk of having an allergic reaction.

Download our latest allergies flyer by clicking on the pictures:

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[1] European Federation of Allergy ; World Allergy Organisation

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