PreSENTIA – gynecological panel for the detection of hereditary cancers of the breast, uterus and ovaries

PreSENTIA – gynecological panel for the detection of hereditary cancers of the breast, uterus and ovaries

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about the test:

“Presentia” – Genetic panels for the detection of mutations that cause hereditary types of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. The tests represent a revolutionary solution for predicting the risk of cancer as well as helping those patients who have already been diagnosed with the disease to find out the cause of the occurrence of this condition.

PreSENTIA presents a portfolio of hereditary cancer testing panels. Each panel focuses on a particular group of genes that determine your chances of developing cancer in the future. Genetic changes (mutations) in genes that cause cancer can be passed on to children from their parents.


Clinically important genetic mutations are evaluated
Short processing time of the biological material
Safe and easy test
By focusing only on the genetic changes tested, PreSENTIA is accurate and precise.

PreSENTIA panels are used to test for many genetic changes that are responsible for causing hereditary cancers. If patients want to know more about their risk of developing cancer, or if a patient has already been diagnosed with cancer and wants to know if the cancer is inherited, PreSENTIA can help.

PreSENTIA can potentially identify genetic changes that would cause cancer. It has a number of benefits in terms of planning, prognosis and making better decisions about the treatment of the disease:

Targeted cancer monitoring – recommended screening tests at key time intervals in order to detect cancer early, when treatment is far more effective
Preventing cancer by taking prophylactic measures
Obtaining useful information about family members who might carry the same genetic mutation
Improved disease classification for better clinical disease management
Drug therapy (chemoprevention), where possible


The PreSENTIA Breast/Gynecologic Cancer Panel tests for multiple gene mutations that could cause breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer in the future. By early detection of these mutations, PreSENTIA helps patients make better and more informed decisions about their health.

Who is this test for?

Patients who have several family members with cancer
Family members with early onset cancer
Family members with rare cancers
A family member with multiple types of cancer
A family member diagnosed with a mutation associated with ovarian, uterine, or breast cancer
Personal history of previous malignant diseases

Price: 29,500 denars.

Issuance of results: 2 – 4 WEEKS