Introducing revolutionary new genetic tests for infertility, hereditary cancers and neonatal screening

Following all advanced trends in technology, medicine and laboratory services, we introduce revolutionary infertility tests, genetic tests for hereditary cancers and neonatal screening in newborns to our market.

We present our latest portfolio of genetic tests, which will help patients to get the best possible diagnostic service, which does not require them to visit laboratories abroad, but from now on world-scale tests applied in the most modern medical centers in the world, are also available in our country.

“Oreana” – A test that provides a detailed genetic picture of the health of newborns, infants and small children. The test was developed with the help of the latest generation of bioinformatics analysis and helps to detect 106 disorders that can cause developmental obstacles in children.

“Presentia” – Genetic test for detecting mutations that cause hereditary types of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. The test is a revolutionary solution for predicting the risk of cancer as it helps those patients who have already been diagnosed with the disease to find out the cause of the occurrence of this condition.

“Rodinia” – Genetic panels to discover the cause of infertility in men and women. These two panels, panel for “female” and panel for “male” infertility can help couples and young people to successfully detect the genetic cause of infertility, prevent this condition and start timely treatment.

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