New investment in Avicena Laboratory for safe admission of the patients and a highly sophisticated robot for sample processing

From the very beginning of the pandemic, Avicena Laboratory has been constantly investing in its facilities, all in order to provide its patients with maximum safety and the highest quality service according to world standards. In the past few months, the laboratory has provided a new and completely separate facility for receiving patients for Covid-19, completely physically separated from the rest of the laboratory, with an area of 260m2, and has made several investments in powerful ventilation systems, disinfection, protective equipment and latest material processing technology.

A highly sophisticated robot for molecular diagnostics has been installed, which is the only one of its kind in the country. This novelty enables the laboratory to increase the processing capacity of materials for covid-19, with a fully automated and fast procedure for processing results. This provides accurate and objective results, excluding the possibility of human error. This robot is the only one of its kind in our country, but it is used in many laboratories throughout Europe and the world.

In addition, the laboratory for its covid-19 tests performs complete internal quality control, as well as monthly external quality control from the renowned institute INSTAND Germany, which is a guarantee for accurate and precise results.