New test for Interleukin-6 (IL-6)

We inform you that starting from 12.11.2020 new analysis (Interleukin-6) is available in Avicena Laboratory analysis with price of 1000 MKD.

IL-6 is part of a large group of molecules called cytokines. Cytokines have multiple roles in the body and in particular act within the immune system, defining the direction of the body’s immune response. They are part of an “inflammatory cascade” that involves coordinated and subsequent activation of the immune response pathways.

IL-6 can be elevated in various inflammations (including COVID-19), infections, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, and more.

The test measures the concentration of IL-6 in the blood. IL-6 levels are measured to monitor and predict the condition of people with some type of limited or systemic inflammation or infection, including COVID-19.

IL-6 values must always be interpreted in conjunction with the patient’s clinical image, in consultation with the physician.