What are the advantages of using a digitally verified Covid-19 certificate

CommonPass enables you to document your COVID-19 status to satisfy country entry requirements while protecting your health privacy. With CommonPass, it’s easy to access your lab results and vaccination records and show your COVID-19 health status when you need it. Plus, CommonPass never reveals any other underlying personal health information in your credential.

The CommonPass Certificate is digital proof that a person:

  • is vaccinated against COVID-19, or
  • has a negative test result

CommonPass confirmation is:

  • in digital and / or printed form
  • with QR code
  • free
  • in English
  • safe and secure

CommonPass is designed to protect data privacy and satisfy data privacy regulations, validating your COVID-19 status without revealing any other underlying personal health information. We adhere to the following privacy principles:

Data is stored or shared only with your explicit, informed consent.

Only the minimum amount of personal data is used for any transaction. 

Personally identifiable health information is stored only at the source or on the user’s device.

Data is only stored to the extent necessary and never used for any other purpose.

The CommonTrust Network was built by The Commons Project Foundation and The World Economic Forum. The global network of testing providers, vaccination providers, and public health registries was created as part of a larger effort to safely reconnect the world, establishing standard formats and certification systems so that governments and destinations can trust the data from health pass apps or QR codes while protecting data privacy. 

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