Rodinia – male infertility panel

Rodinia – male infertility panel

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about test:

“Rodinia” – Genetic panels to discover the cause of infertility in men and women. These two panels, panel for “female” and panel for “male” infertility can help couples and young people to successfully detect the genetic cause of infertility, prevent this condition and start timely treatment.

Rodinia is a screening test for genetic changes (mutations) associated with infertility. By identifying the genetic cause of infertility, you can make informed and accurate decisions that will result in the best clinical treatment plan for the patient, which will help increase the chances of conception.

The Rodinia test is suitable for couples or individuals who cannot achieve pregnancy, young people with a suspected disorder of sexual development and people with a family history of infertility.

Who is Rodinia for?

Couples or individuals who cannot achieve pregnancy.
Women with irregular periods or women who have no periods at all.
Men with a low number of sperm in the semen, irregular shape or movement of the sperm.
Individuals with external characteristics suggestive of a syndrome related to sexual development.
Couples or individuals intending to undergo assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment.
Candidates for sperm or oocyte donation, as well as individuals with a family history of infertility.


It includes X and Y chromosome testing, including Y chromosome microdeletions and disorders such as hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, such as Kallmann syndrome.

Issuance of results: 2 – 4 WEEKS


Price with discount for the production of the two panels (in a pair): 58,500 denars