Avicena Laboratory and “Bibi’s World”

We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with “Bibi’s World”!
“Bibi’s World” is an educational and educational brand that encourages creative thinking and learning, through play and fun, with the aim of developing a variety of skills in children.
The goal of our joint cooperation is to convey a wide variety of messages about healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle to as many children as possible. Together we will create animated stories, content, games and joint events with which we will educate and inform children about health care and the application of healthy habits in everyday life.
Half a year ago, we opened the first and only children’s laboratory in our country, the so-called “Children’s Corner”, which is a fun and uniquely designed reception area exclusively for children. The children’s corner and this collaboration are another proof of our constant commitment as a socially responsible company, which constantly strives to promote health and healthy habits.
Habits are best acquired at a young age. Children are the real focus that we should focus on if we want positive changes in the future.💜

See all the photos from our Children’s corner: