This weekend, Avicena Laboratory participated in the first regional symposium on HPV and associated diseases

From November 25 – 27, the first regional symposium on “HPV infection and associated diseases” organized by the Macedonian Association for Human Papilloma Virus and the Macedonian Association for Sexually Transmitted Infections was held in Struga.

Avicena Laboratory supported this event as a golden sponsor, with its own promotional stand where all present could get to know the top diagnostic service offered by Avicenna Laboratory for the detection and identification of the HPV virus, sexually transmitted diseases and all other associated diseases. related to the HPV virus.

This symposium united more than 200 participants and over 50 lecturers, expert doctors, specialists, gynecologists, obstetricians, dermatologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists, pharmacists who shared their knowledge about the problem.