🌏Every February 4th is marked as World Cancer Day, to encourage greater awareness of early prevention, diagnosis and treatment, in order to reduce the global impact of the disease.

🔬As a leader in laboratory diagnostics, the past year we have been dedicated to find the latest generation of genetic tests that will help patients to predict the risk of the disease as well as to help those patients who have already been diagnosed with cancer, to find out the reason for the occurrence of this condition.

🧬 For this purpose, we have introduced the new portfolio of tests for hereditary cancers, which have been developed in our laboratories for the past 6 months. The so-called “Presentia” genetic panels can help patients get the best possible diagnostic service, which does not require visiting laboratories abroad, but from now on world-scale tests applied in the most modern medical centers in the world are available. and in our laboratory.

Know your genes, know your choice!

WorldCancerDay2023 #Avicenalab